An Open Letter:

When we speak of a troubled youth we aren’t referring to a bunch of depressed rascals

When we speak of a depressed youth, we aren’t on about attention seekers

When we speak of a youth that pushes ret we aren’t referring to a clique of terrorists

When we acknowledge a hard working youth, we introduce an eagerness and craving for success both academically and mentally in a physical manner. We introduce an idea of goal driven achievers and young entrepreneurs.

When we as the youth ask for assistances, don’t turn your backs on us.

When we demand answers we have the right to know, then so be it! Give it to us!

We don’t like fighting with you guys, we hate it

No child would enjoy fighting with their elder, it’s a crime.

Stop judging us by the mistakes we make, instead help us and discipline us if we were at fault.

Groom us to be powerful, influential academic intellectuals of the organisation.

Teach us to want to inspire our peers, we want to pave way for generations to come, we want to introduce an amazing legacy that is to live long. A legacy that only children of the soil understand. One where sacrifices that regard the shedding of blood are not acceptable, where leaders are elected by the masses and not according to their love of financial power. Remind us that the african national congress isn’t this business hub it has been painted to be.

We cannot afford to be led by

Greedy, money hungry self centered idiots!