Rest In Peace Mkhulu

I hate losing people close to my heart, I feel as if I’m being tested and my faith is being played with.

I hate losing people I love and care about, I feel as if s start losing that touch I thought I had.

Mkhulu you were there from the very beginning, I fell in love with the human you were.

We made memories together and became the best of friends,

I enjoyed your company as much as you did mine, I never thought this day would come.

I cannot begin to express the level of grief in me, the amount of sadness…

The heartbreak and feeling of betrayal.

I feel as if I were robbed of my time with you, Mkhulu I still wanted to take you out…

I still wanted to chill with you more often, I still wanted to hear the many stories you had in store for me….but I guess those cannot come true anymore. I love you so so much

I know you were old, and my biggest fear was to lose you before saying my goodbyes

I just wish I got to say goodbye to you one more time, before you joined the angels in heaven…

Like they say you can’t change ones fate,

I miss you so much….

Not only were you an inspiration to your family but everyone around you,

You touched the lives of many, you changed people for the better.

You also played a huge role during the apartheid era,

Not only were you just a grandfather, but you were a hero…you were a role model…an inspiration

Thank you for being  a part of my life,

I promise to never let you down…

I promise to keep on making you proud…

Hawermah, My Grandfather has left us….

Kodwa Mkhulu your legacy lives on…

Your spirit is in all of us…you multiplied you never really left….

We will keep the fire burning and continue where you had left off.

I love you! Lala ngoXolo Tata.