Help Save Us!

Child prostitution is being practiced everywhere,

I have a problem with this and will cease to keep quiet!

No one is allowed to violate a child of their rights!

We cannot have our own mothers using us and our bodies to put food on the table,

We are tired of being used as sex toys rented out to different men,

We are tired of having to deal with abuse,

We are tired of protecting these monsters because we also want out of the web we are in,

I was only 13 when I was robbed of my life,

He took turns,

He did it occasionally,

Mother was fine with it,

She was the pimp anyways,

She would come and wipe my tears,

Shed help me change,

She would instruct me to behave and do as I was told,

She said this was the way out,

She lied to me…

She used me to put food on the table…

She watched him satisfy his selfish desires…

She could see the pain in my eyes,

Yet she never even attempted to stop him!       

I kept this to myself,

It was embarrassing.

I was hurting…

And just as I was about to fight for my life

He took it!

He robbed me of my life!

My dignity was stripped a long time ago…..

There are more of us out there,

Please do help my sisters,

I don’t want them to end up like me,

Please, please just

Just help end this newly found prostitution,

Before it grows into something bigger. fffffffff