An Innocent Cry

Generations before us and those that birthed us,experienced a whole lot of suffering and torture during the apartheid regime.

With others trying to find ways as to wipe out flashbacks of the pain they had endured and the losses that had fallen upon them. Getting rid of such is impossible due to the permanent scars and dented hearts, and having to experience such is similar to a permanent punishment, which really sucks.

I am a young girl who wants to learn more about the suffering of African people under the control reign and leadership of the then apartheid government, under racist and cold hearted people that practiced inhumanly things.

Honestly speaking, I for one had no interest whatsoever in the history taught at school, it lacked substance and was short and uninformative when it came to Apartheid and its evils,the history we learnt in high school was biased.

Any who there are more fallen heroes that we know nothing of and only a few are highlighted, I want to know more about uTatu Zungu and his contribution to the, I want to know more about uTatu Phasha and why he touched the hearts of many, specifically the previously disadvantaged. I want to know why we are only taught a portion of things and not the real history behind thee apartheid regime, maybe just maybe something might twinkle in the hearts of the confused, maybe just maybe more justice could be prevailed and families could start their journey on recovery and healing instead of having to experience nightmares and flashbacks of the heartbreaks and losses they had to go through. I mean who am I to tell them I understand what they are going through??if I myself lack clear knowledge on what they went through?

Why is it so that we are only informed about the late Emma Mashinini yet we know nothing about Mme Margaret Gazo??

I for one believe there is more to what we are taught, and I feel like I am being deprived of my right to know the history of my country and my people, I honestly think the hole is deeper and it has been painted or made to look just about right.

Yes this is the very same South Africa our fallen heroes fought for but is this how their legacy is to live on?

Through summarised scripts and edited tales that you want us to believe?That you were not as heartless as many tend to say you are?

You slaughtered innocent people who wanted nothing but freedom and equality!

Children were killed and families were left saddened and in despair

….Innocent children were robbed of their future.

You took away the late Steve Biko a revolutionary ,a man with integrity, a man who believed in the hopes and dreams of others, a man who stood for what he believed in ,an academic who aspired to inspire, a man who brought hope to the hearts of many.

No but that’s not all, you also took away our beloved Chris Hani, nothing angers me more though, I mean you people lack sympathy! Do you know how much his family suffered? Imagine having someone you love so much being taken away from you by a white man who isn’t even South African what do you call that?

I want to dig deep I want to know how and why things got to the way they were and why inspirational people like the ones mentioned had to pay with their lives?

It is saddening to think that humans practiced such evil, to think humans were the masterminds behind such.

The late Pepsi Mahlangu who was also seen as a hero and a threat to you people, was also robbed of his life, to think black people went as far as to kill their own to please the whites just for money is a mind-fuck! Why would you stoop so low as to kill one of your own? Is this the world GOD created?

It is a disgrace to have to see black people fall prey to racist whites that want nothing but to take control of the South Africa that our fallen heroes, the ANC hand in hand with the PAC and other liberation movements fought for.

Chief Albert Luthuli would not be proud to say that this was what he wanted for South Africa.

We wanted freedom and equality but we never wanted to be controlled by  a party lead by white people using a black figure to draw black crowds….a party that wants to take over a beautiful rainbow nation and turn it into one hell of an unfair world.

But then again is it fair to blame people that turn into puppets sometimes? I mean when reality hits hard and there’s no place to run to but for one to face the music…would you as a fellow south African sell your own out and inflict pain on them?


Would you brace yourself for the obstacles ahead?

I would rather die than to watch my own suffer.

If we really want a free and democratic South Africa, we as children of the soil must rally behind one another and our vision must be clear, fighting one another and trying to lick the feet of the oppressors will not get us anywhere, rather be radical and continue where our fallen heroes left off, they might not be here but their spirits live on and it is our duty to continue fighting for a better SA.

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  1. What??? how is it even normal to pen such an art? It took me to the world I’ve only heard of before, the world of black cries and white frying word as the body of Sizwe Kindle lie oxygenless only to be forever lost wity a trace. Write more, I need some breath and this authorship knows how to give me the only real breath of a child that was robbed of a leader like Sobukws.

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