Whispers from a wounded heart

Your approach scared me no lie but it left a mark,
A dreadful pain that left a permanent stain,
Like a roach I creepy crawled away, went into hiding
Cause you came across as binding,
A spirit which seemed pure but was actually possessive,
You grew aggressive and the damage was massive,

I decided to build a fence of thorns with a no go zone hence the blow horns,
shaped like an ark around my heart cause times were tough,
You might think I’m bluffing, Lord knows I’m not….
you see the enemy is laughing probably celebrating,
They call it dirty dancing,
I wouldn’t say it’s the devil….cause I don’t know this kinda evil.

I thought the road to recovery was smooth,
I tricked myself it’s made of gravel and has no level
Felt like grabbing a shovel and plucking it out
But I couldn’t cause then I won’t live..

I mean what’s a human without love?
Sometimes it isn’t genuine, we wear our hearts on our sleeves
In the name of protection,
Emotional abuse is the worst,
No one wants to be a meal, or be the abusers next option…
You see there’s a specific pattern, that they use to open the curtain,
Okay but that’s a story for another day,

I felt like you just didn’t give me enough time, but then again I also felt like I was being inconsiderate and greedy at the same time….

I just didn’t want to see you, cause I was vulnerable
I just didn’t want to take advantage of your feelings….
I needed some sort of healing cause my heart was aching…
Due to doing things without thinking…
And allowing creeps into this life of mine..
You know sometimes you think you know what you want,
When in actual fact what you think you need is a want,
They grant all your wishes cause they’re just immigrants
They aren’t there to stay, it’s temporary to them,
They let you think it’s real and genuine,
You’ve fallen victim…

See I’ve been played around with,
Lost myself, changed,put myself in danger only to become a total stranger…

I know how it goes, I feared it might happen again,
I won’t say I’m over it, but I’m willing to give us a try,
I might grow wings and learn to fly,
Like a dove cause I’m surrounded by love..
Real love.

La Nkosi

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