To My Heartbeat

Thank you for remaining calm and patiently putting up with my moody self.

Thank you for being thee mature being you are as you remind me to be the same. I know that I am not easy to understand, and as complex as they come. I may act a bit childishly and immaturely when I fail in getting what I want,or your attention of which I’ve fallen prey to. Yet, you choose to gently and patiently chastise me and rather correct me.

When I try fight you and look for reasons to get mad at you, you take it with no offense, both graciously and maturely.

You have always loved to listen to me, and my nagging. I can tell you anything without worrying , Simply because I now know you understand the being I am

I cannot thank you enough for always pleading with me to guard my focus, and reminding me of my role in life.

My life has become more blissful and serene ever since your arrival.

You are appreciated

La Nkosi๐ŸŒธ

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