To The Sell-Outs

To the sell-outs

When will you stand your ground and claim the throne?
When will you take center stage of your life?
How long are people going to determine your fate?
When will you stop trying to fit in?
For how long are you going to punish yourself like this?
Why continue like a slave and chant freedom like a brainwashed dog?
Why sell your own out, so you secure the bag for your own?
When did we get to the slaughtering of one another?
What happened to the spirit of Ubuntu?
Where did it go?
Can we locate it?
What happened to the continuation of the legacies left behind?
Will we ever respect ourselves?
Why are you quiet?
Don’t you maybe think it’s time we stopped this bad omen?
Don’t you think it’s time we troubleshoot the problems and rid ourselves of this now?
When are you going to fight for what is right?
In your own circles?

-La Nkosi