TVETs Must Rise!

The TVET Colleges of this country have been overlooked by the same people who promised to see  to it that transformation occurs on these campuses.

A  huge percentage of these institutions lack resource centers of their own and the ones that have aren’t big enough to accommodate all students especially those who aren’t as privelaged as the others or those who have been shown the door by NSFAS and their institutions.

We are currently faced with a situation, where a number returning students are on the brink of  of being deregustered by their respective campuses for outstanding fees which NSFAS had agreed to sort out. Instead of ironing things out with the management of NSFAS the institutions are making it hard for students who want to come back but can’t because of this very same problem!

What I find highly questionable is the level of unprofessional  showcased from their end and their ignorance towards the cries of students.
These people go all out for open days etc, but they don’t tell potential students about their bullying tendencies and disgusting arrogance that is portrayed when students protest or fight back.
These institutions also house perpetrators, this again proves that no on is safe! These perpetrators purposefully fail students so the students can ask for a remark or assistance but the price is a much more heftier one, which results in others falling victim to the sugar daddy /sugar mommy mentality and others suffering from trauma and depression because what they experienced was far from nice and not what they had expected.
A campus has already been singled out to house 3 of these animals by one of his own victims, who I hope one day finds the strength to speak up and stand her ground because we are with her all the way–that we aren’t rushing her into doing anything fast but she must know that we won’t allow for these men to operate with such allegations swinging over their heads! Management must explain to us how they plan on tackling this because we can not afford to have our students fall victim to the ugly system and the other side of it too.

We have had multiple complaints, they haven’t fallen on deaf ears though I must say part of the problem is the management of of these institutions they themselves are corrupt officials who care less about the struggles of a black child and whose greed and lust has driven them to further pushing for money to determine one’s worth and secure ‘space’ on campus that time the registration period is said to be closed.

Student activists from the different campuses also shed some light on how management targets the members of the SRC elected by the students and captures them with luxuries and material things expecting them to shut students up when they question the atrocities, failures and also the selling out of student activists and their leaders so that any proposed or planned shutdown doesn’t come to pass.
The management is run by people who also enjoy the fruits of being affiliates to certain government officials, you see this whenever strikes erupt from certain campuses but when students protest for fees to drop these officials keep quiet. This drives one crazy because their priorities are twisted and seeing the youth of this country prosper is an irritation in the necks of the faces behind this system!

Instead of being motivated to change the system and the state of TVETs we are also faced with another pandemic of student activists selling out and not making noise where it’s due but come conference or election time then all of a Sunday they care again… Fake sympathy and activism is the pits!

We want to see change in the running of these institutions, and backing down is a thing I don’t see happening anytime soon.