The Spineless Creep

An experience we as women of color dread is that of being undermined by a fellow brother and thrown under the bus by your male counterparts, with the assistance of fellow daughters of the soil who are driven by greed systematically planted within their minds.
An individual draped in rolls of fake activism and sympathy has wormed its way into the tail of a movement which represents and is for the students of this country and region. The intentions of this individual are far from genuine and fueled by lust, greed, and thirst for power- unconsciously he exposes himself occasionally but there are minor episodes where his acting skills are showcased, and boy a talent this individual has!
A mistake he tends to make is that of exposing his spineless being, who balances on the accomplishments of those linked to him. He lurks in their shadow and when they arenโ€™t there he basks in their glory and floats on their status instead of creating a name for himself.
I find disgust in the culture of bribing and drowning the youth in alcohol and undermining their intelligence to mere dehumanizing and derogatory statements dressed as statements of concern all in the name of leadership but one that is not for the culture. What a waist! What I find scary is, the fact that this disgusting tradition was passed down and it is deemed as a fashionable and strategic plan is troubling to my stomach and very unsettling.
There is a time and a place for everything, to you and your tribe or whatever you call yourselves, justice always prevails, and the ancestors are not asleep. The students of this countryโ€™s interests are what drive this movement not lust, greed and thirst for power.
Things done in the dark, will always come to light.

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  1. This still happens, young politicians or wannabe politicians actually praise each other for being stupid a d driven by their d***s that time they are also actively participating in the killing and derailing of our youth.

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