The Ghosts of The Elections

You take take to the ground during elections,
You ask us about our problems and we tell you,
Not because we believe in you but because it has become a norm..
You then crowd the place in your regalia and expensive attire, making promises to the little who have hope in your governance,
That time service delivery is a myth…

Our grandparents are treated poorly by you people,
Having them stand in lines during the pandemic,
Spraying them with water canons the same way the apartheid devils did…
The Grant system is far from advancing, same as the state buildings and community halls in black townships.
Not to mention the dire state of our clinics, then there are communities with no clinic at all… If Lucky enough a mobile clinic is all they’ll get!
But then again what happens to those with disabilities?

The state of our high schools is scary to say the least,
You find leaders of supposed student movements changing hotels like a pair of undies whilst ceilings fall on the heads of students!

Not forgetting how the Dept. Of Higher Ed. is among the many flops!
With students drowning in debts before securing a job,
Institutions continue to step on the black child’s head! Though the very same organization that claims to be the voice of students remains silent and chooses to fight other battles but those of their own…
But then again what do we expect it’s run by the Goldens.
The tertiary institutions and the cold shoulder we are given is felt deeply,  it pierces through whatever was left of our battered hearts.
Yet you claim to be there for the students, how if you’re part of the problem?

Aren’t you the ones who pull up in convoys?
Aren’t you the ones who encourage the idea of discussing serious issues over a few beers?
Aren’t you the ones who only assist students when it suits you?
Aren’t you the ones who take advantage of the struggles faced by students?
Aren’t you the ones who shut the voices of those who call you out for your wrongdoings?
Aren’t you the ones who continue to add fuel to the already burning fire?
Aren’t you also the ones who get rid of things because you benefit from them? Only for you to act concerned when we come with our cries?
Aren’t you the ones who create problems only to fix them when it suits you under the spotlight?

You ghosts better shut the hell up this time around, shoving your fake concerns down your throats!
Money isn’t everything you bloody careerists!

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