I hate how the black woman is portrayed!

The idea of the black woman being a single parent that struggles but continues to hustle, isn’t part of the culture!
But part of a system that was never for natives…

People often ask, โ€œWhat sustained the women
of the past?โ€ We were sustained by our common
values, which bound us together and gave us the
basis for our spirituality, which motivated and
inspired us.

We also took care of ourselves. Women are
always the care-givers, and at times, they neglect
themselves. What also kept us together was
networking with one another, and the knowledge
that in this journey, you canโ€™t be alone. The
deprivation and the repression brought us closer.

Wise words from Mama Brigalia Bam

Other women sacrificed so that we could be where we are today. Let us therefore strive do our part to make the world a better place for the women who come after us.

Which includes ridding ourselves of the conditioning we were subjected to.

There are no accounts where the black woman gives up and hangs her stockings over the line!
The idea of us being sentenced to an unhappy life is foreign to us!
Daughters of the soil, don’t you dare let that crown slip!

Know Your Worth.