The Quest to ‘deal with’ President Jacob Zuma

In an attempt to further silence his voice and jail him the country’s highest court exposed it’s biasness.
South Africa’s former President Jacob Zuma has been sentenced to 15 months in jail by the country’s highest court. The sentence came after the Constitutional Court found him guilty of contempt for defying its order for him to appear at an inquiry about corruption in the country while he was president.

The former president testified once at the inquiry into what has become known as “state capture” but then refused to appear subsequently. In all honesty I do not blame him as he was only doing what any sane black man would when your integrity is targeted you distance yourself from the toxicity. At least he appeared unlike the apartheid monsters who defied the TRC and were left alone, the state capture commission of inquiry was more focused on dealing with black leaders and shifting everyone’s attention from everything else in the country to the former president and all those implicated painting them as the thieves who can’t govern themselves. Koos beker who was also meant to appear at the same commission refused to do so and wasn’t dealt with the way the former president was.

Corruption by the government is also an evil I despise as it contributes to the delay of emancipation and economic freedom for black people of any country in Africa. It should be exposed and rooted out but the approach mustn’t be biased as that defeats the purpose of improving the situation! It is impossible for the birth of State capture to only occur when a president who wants to see the lives of black people improve is identified as the sole parent what of those who infiltrated our land and took over unlawfully thus subjecting us to slavery even today.

The inquiry which is led by Raymond Zondo took to the Con court and asked for its intervention on the matter. Click Here For More Info

Prior that there are more than one account of what actually transpired on the day the former president was said to have ‘walked out’ sources who were present confirmed things seemed to have been okay but Mr. Pretorius or whatever it is they call him just wasn’t having it… Mine is if Zondo was okay and Pretorius wasn’t then…

Now why is that? Who does he (Pretorius) represent? Any who the ‘walkout’ was all over the news with those media houses that are biased having a field day with the story and even going to the extent of mispresenting what actually went on to push their own narrative or agenda given to them by their masters. There’s this ugly trend of these establishments coming for black radical voices and they seem to be unapologetic, all of them these franchises aren’t exempt from this. Another plug

This then led to a monologue or something like that being delivered by the acting Chief Justice Sisi Khampempe her body language, facial expressions and tone deserve an A+ in dramatic arts.
Just a reminder of who this lady is and why her role is far from being genuine :
🦋 She is the wife of businessman Siza Khampempe who is a director of the Kgorong Investment Holdings an empowerment partner of the Reutech Radar Systems which secured a nice R220 million part of the arms deal.
🦋In 2003 Kgorong Investment Holdings in a joint “BEE” consortium called Tasco, secured a vendor financed deal to own 25% of the petroleum company Total SA also becoming a shareholder among the other shareholders is non other than Johann Rupert and his company Remgro Ltd.
🦋Rupert’s bank Nedbank financed Tasco’s vendor finance deal.
🦋Her husband wines and dines with Rupert
🦋In 1983 she joined Bowman Gilfillan at the height of apartheid.

It is clear that hers is far from being objective, her approach was clear because she was on a mission.
She basically said in her poetic piece that the former president’s refusal to appear before the court for him to give an explanation of his actions was a slap in his own face. Let us not forget how her tone changed and she began emphasizing this piece of hers which was scripted in a manner that required anger and hatred.. probably discussed over a coffee date with the oppressors.

“I am left with no option but to commit Mr. Zuma to imprisonment, with the hope that doing so sends an unequivocal message… the rule of law and the administration of justice prevails.”

What message is being sent beside that of silencing anything that opposes the rule of capitalists?

Will you finally deal with the former president of the country?

In all honesty there’s nothing beautiful about the system and how it operates we are constantly reminded of how much we have no control over and it’s sad to see how things play out. I have no faith in the Zondo gang they have only proven themselves to be participants of a system that isn’t for them only for the hopes of receiving breadcrumbs, there was nothing fair about this and De Klerk gloating about it whilst in his ‘state’ opens your eyes to the reality being that freedom from the grip of the colonizers is nothing but a dream we were fed and sold, the emergency meetings and petitions circulating that support this rule are led by fellow sons of the soil who report to their masters but put on the democracy mask to shy away from their true mission.

I am not here to point fingers, there’s nothing beautiful about a biased approach when dealing with corruption nor is there anything golden about violating the little bit of right a person has as we both know the constitution favors its own, but there is everything wrong with continuing the legacy of your masters who forced themselves unto us at the expense of your people.

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