The Phoenix Massacre

The president came out to applaud those using private security and vigilantism to ‘protect their communities’ this then led to Europeans and Indians parading the streets, terrorizing, burning shacks and deliberately shooting unarmed black South Africans all in the name of ‘protecting themselves’ now this was after the president publicly incited ethnic violence.

It was painfully an interesting scene having to witness the confidence they showed before they embarked on the killing spree there are videos of them walking besides officers with weapons whilst interrogating unarmed black South Africans and those who looked less dangerous to them managed to escape without experiencing the bullying. There are younger generations that were armed and they seemed to be enjoying the evil they so bravely conducted which shows one how heartless they can be, I mean grooming the younger to be just as ruthless and heartless is another.

It is through social media platforms, visuals of the crimes and wrongs our people were subjected to that we were to know about this as the media remained hush on this. The #PhoenixMassacre is a hashtag that should gain more attention, one can not turn a blind eye to what is right before their eyes unless they see nothing wrong. How could the lives of many black South Africans be taken? How dare we allow families be robbed of their own in the name of vigilantism? And yet the attention is diverted..

“The one behind the Marikana Massacre, he who showed no remorse during that time has no heart for his own people that’s because he has been tasked with that of protecting his masters at the expense of the people he promised a brighter future. One cannot expect him to genuinely act on the Phoenix Massacre”


In all of this the blind eye Phoenix was given when these racial attacks and killings erupted will never be forgotten. That alone is proof to one that their life is worthless in this new dawn.

On the 14th of July, 2021 word hit the streets that 15 Africans were killed by Indians in Pheonix alone, some in Chatsworth and others in Umkomaas yest the media remained mum. With that being said and the death toll rising including the accounts of those who experienced this bullying flooded social media under the #PhoenixMassacre the minister of police and his attitude towards the happenings in Phoenix exposed his reluctancy towards ensuring justice is prevailed for those affected.

What scares me is that our country is no stranger to massacres in fact this country has an ugly history of massacres, and as the years go by they obviously differ in style, form and scale. In most cases the imagery is that of mutilated and lifeless bodies of sons and daughters of the soil scattered on the grounds at the feet of those who killed them (the system) though now the system no longer comes out it grooms one of us to destroy the many of us it’s ugly.

The Audacity!
They went as far as recording videos of themselves justifying their actions which made their rounds on social media the arrogance pointed towards the reckless utterances of the president. Others even went as far as  undermining the very same police who in their own words failed at their jobs. The minister Cele downplayed the issue of racism distancing himself from the truth he arrogantly said the issue of racism was secondary, Chile!

The fact that one of the members of the police asked Mam’Khawula why she even bothered herself about the lives of these people she did not know is enough proof that the ides of a rainbow nation and south Africa being a country for all who live in it is nothing but a statement. If members of the SAPS drag their feet towards matters such as these simple because they feel they aren’t worthy of justice then we are really in shit. What safety are we guaranteed?
This racist tweet made by a racist Indian following the eruption of the unrest in Pheonix sent shivers up my spine why tweet such confidently? A Mohamed Ziyad Khan tweeted : “The only way South Africa can fight back now is if we go and burn all the informal settlements to the ground.” – 11:44 A.M / 12/07/2021

One of the many problems I have with the privelaged from these races is this, your drunkenness with privelage has exposed your blindness towards the suffering of my kind. Your self hate and bitterness is why we don’t need you. Your tweet lifted the veil placed by your rainbow and Gandhi that blinded us from the evil that truly resides in your hearts. And to your elders who were quick to call for unity during such a time I think the hell not. You were quick to point fingers shifting the blame towards the direction of the poor so you could embark on a killing spree purging the lives of the unarmed innocent under the banner of ‘protecting yourselves’ you wicked people believed you were cleaning the streets.

Black people were humiliated, their humanity degraded with the taking of lives but the silence on the matter grew louder by the day especially from these foundations that parade themselves as representatives of the masses.

Steve Biko’s ‘Black child you are on your own’ continues to echoe in this head of mine.

-Njabulo Nzimande a 16 year old was killed by a stray bullet whilst in bed during the time of the unrest.
-The Khumalo Brothers were brutally murdered by a vigilante group of Pheonix while on their way home and yet no arrest have been made although evidence of the killers on videos and pictures exist.

It is said that these are areas affected by racial killings
1. Phoenix
2. Inanda
3. Verulam
4. Chatsworth
5. Pietermaritzburg
There were numbers that were read out of the deaths, it is clear that not all the deaths were recorded but that number we were given is far from the truthbwe know how sneaky government can be at times we have Mbalula as a minister that is sneakyness on it’s own. What I find weird is how he was quick to defend Karyn but was mum on the Phoenix Massacre we see you. As for SAPS and Co, was raiding  houses worth more than the lives of the lives taken?

“You can’t kill 300 people and go on to achieve greatness”
-Ntsiki Mazwai

“I don’t think you can discuss and try find a solution without the people who are affected. I can tell you that people are angry at what has happened, I am afraid that we seem to be downplaying this thing, there is much more anger on the ground, we need to find an amicable solution.
-Sizophila Mkhize

“I can tell you that the rhetoric of unity a d peace in a rainbownation is not going to help, the root cause of the position is racial inequality in KZN and it needs to be addressed” – Sizophila Mkhize

For more on the Massacre do follow the #PhoenixMassacre as the media seems to be taking its time.

Open ME!

Those responsible must be called out for their actions and reckless uterrances because they are the ones who opened the door for these monsters to come out and feed their hunger for the suffering of our own even going as far as killing…