To The Enablers of the system

For you to parade yourselves as people who have transformed the system thinking you conditioned us enough to blind us from the truth is a nightmare on its own.

When we speak of transformation in the country’s education system, we don’t only speak of an upgrade followed by the  maintenance of infrastructure and technology but we also speak of the introduction of content that favors the future of this country with the majority being black this would need you to decolonize the content you continue to shove down our throats!

Have you no shame in the number of foreign literature that continues to consume the shelves in the libraries? We are blessed as a continent and nation with literature that is not only rich but  also one that is empowering, informative and inspirational. Indaba My Children should have been in all the libraries both public and those in schools why shove Macbeth down our throats when we have abo Mam Gcina Mhlope? Abo sweet valley nabo Harry Potter yet we have our own folklore…

You are quick to defend your failures and point fingers towards the direction of others will you ever account for the shit you put us in?
The day I heard of mandarin being an option my insides began to twist and turn, how dare you spit in the faces of those who you used for your coat of arms?