If it is for you, it won’t hurt you.

Used to question my actions I looked for reasons negative reasons that would justify or quench the thirst I had for the little belief of things crumbling every time I tried them out.

This time around it was rather different, when I questioned my actions and the choices I made the answers I never seeked for came knocking on my door and when I opened a wave of  gratitude swooshed through me and I found myself smiling alone with glossy eyes filled with tears that I felt the need to hold in…

It is through the knowledge and skills acquired academically that one will be able to articulate a story without leaving out the important facts, this will also allow one the chance to speak on facts objectively and if my views are to feature there are guidelines that are to be followed for one to avoid landing themselves in trouble or in the courts having to battle defamation lawsuits and all that, outside that debunking the myths and fake truths is why I stayed put because the need for the truth is far from coming to an end in fact, this is only just the beginning.

It is through the wisdom and the teachings of those who came before me, that I am able to share my work and the  stories about our past as children of the soil without links to the scripted version of what is deemed good enough for us to learn because certain truths must remain hidden due to the evil contents…it is also important for one to share the stories we were robbed the privelage of coming to know about, including our history before slavery as our past is not only painful but beautiful and inspiring.

As I continue to grow in my life, following that long narrow path…filled with lessons and blessings my drive for sharing increases.
Follow your passion, if it is meant for you it won’t miss you and you won’t suffer because of it.

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