During this month we do not only celebrate South African women but women from the mother continent both young and old who continue to prove women are capable and intelligent.

Miss Esther Chukwuemeka a beautiful young woman from Nigeria was denied admission to study law at the Abia State University due to her young age, has at 20 years old, become Africa’s youngest advocate to be called to the Nigerian Bar as a solicitor and  an advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

In accordance to the Lawyer it is stated that advocates(barristers) are qualified legal professionals who specialize in offering advice while representing, advocating and defending their clients in court or a tribununal.

Miss Chukwuemeka who is from Okigwe, Imo State, reportedly finished her secondary school at the age of 13. She was only 13 years old when she wrote her Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE).

According to the website mentioned above, despite ABSU denyiing her access to study law, miss Chukwuemeka’s father secured her admission in the second most populous country in the world, India, to follow her dream of studying law.

Upon the completion of her studies in India, which she did in due time, this young phenomenal woman of color enrolled for the mandatory Nigerian Law School examination (the Bar Part 1 programme) which is compulsory for all students from foreign universities. Upon writing her final Bar exam she formed part of the successful students.

Miss Chukwuemeka took to Instagram and had this to say, “If it had not been the Lord on our side, the story would have been different. I thank my parents, friends and well wishers for their love and support throughout this journey. I owe my success to you all.”

This young queen can now be referred to as BARRISTER ESTHER EBUBENNA NWADIKE!!

She is an inspiration to all women of color, we celebrate her and wish her all the best on her journey and her new role.