The Cowards who abuse their power to get what they want, are the actual bullies.

We live in an era where some of our male counterparts in the space continue to undermine our capabilities to lead as women.

You see as a young woman in student politics you would expect some form of unity to exist among your peers and yourself instead you are greeted by the ungodly desires of those who aren’t genuine to the cause.
We are ridiculed and laughed at by those who feel threatened by our leadership and the resilience we embody, when in panic mode they expose their selfishness and greed through their use of words and how they conduct themselves.

It is through their sheepish commentary that their inability to lead with diligence and humility is exposed, we find ourselves living in an era where the older brothers of the bullies in the space are the ones who attempt to tame the fire set alight by their own siblings.

Those who start fires they cannot put out are not only a danger to the cause but are the tainters of the organisation they represent.

I don’t only speak for myself on this one, the one thing I’d rather be known for is to speak when those who want to are silenced… I despise any male who fails to see female activists for what and who they truly are, causing havoc among women under the divide and conquer notion is what they are known for which is disgusting really.

I distance myself from anything that has to do with bringing down a fellow sister of mine because those who use them to fight their own personal battles that only benefit them leave them to suffer in the process thus resulting in her committing political suicide unknowingly

3 thoughts on “The Cowards who abuse their power to get what they want, are the actual bullies.

  1. LaNkosi never dissapoits. May Cde Storm reign for longer. May your days be increased for the benefit of those who cannot speak for themselves. May our children find the world in a form and shape you wish for it to be. Your tireless efforts to restore dignity and equality amongst humanity and its social systems is noticed and appreciated my Cadre. Manadla.

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