The Dark Side of ‘Military Assisted Transitions’

Military assisted transitions is a fancier and safer way of calling it a coup.

What is a coup?

It is a sudden and unconstitutional takeover of power by a small group within a state, a military coup is when the takeover is led by certain individuals who are also leaders within the military which eventually leads to them ascending the presidency because the military ‘intervened’ so it’s only fair for them to remain in power.

The Shady Side of these ‘Military Assisted Transitions’

There is an uglier side to military led coups, thuggery and unlawfulness continue to flourish under the rule of these coup leaders to name a few: the trafficking of drugs, misuse of public funds, ignorance towards dealing with human trafficking not forgetting the existence of the slave trade we were made to believe ended. Crime is overlooked because the masterminds behind it are the ones in charge now.
Certain prominent leaders in the military are part of the problems faced by the masses, militaries themselves have an uglier side to them with multiple abuse and sexual assault cases being swept under the carpet as tainting their image or reputation is off the cards. They are bound to overlook the issues raised especially when they emerge the safety of their people is not a priority.

It is not a requirement for the military to take over after a successful military coup although it is highly possible for them to present the ring leaders of the coup as preferred civilians that are ‘fit enough’ to lead and this is done in such a way as to push the idea of democratic legitimacy even though it’s all for show.

The Mother continent seems to be prone to this as the immunity we thought we had is nothing compared to the disease being the lust of power showcased by the same leaders who claim to be what the country their leading needs only for them to sentence their own people to poverty and slavery birthing more monsters waiting for their own turn to further destroy their nations’

If these leaders did what was expected, I wouldn’t be penning this neither would we even have countries to list as examples. It is an ugly thing to see that we are doing what is expected of us to further allow those we are meant to protect our countries from full access and control.

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