No Peace in Ethiopia?

A country with a rich history, landlocked in the Horn countryside of Africa. The country which birthed phenomenonal women of color who ruled remarkably during their reign: Queen Sheba and Queen Candace. Ethiopia where peace roamed is bleeding, unrest, suffering, abuse and crime created by the incompetence and ignorance of the ones who led and ripped her to shreds has worsened.. More of her children are suffering and the culprits and their masters still roam and pose as a threat to the safety of them all.

A year has gone and yet there are zero improvements to the adjustments made for troubleshooting the problems faced by the people of Ethiopia, conflict, displacement resulting in an increase in humanitarian crisis more lives are taken – the violation of human rights has been normalised and those guilty come from all sides, on the one the rebels are causing havoc and on the other the federals are blocking in the name of protecting but are also preventing humanitarian aid from coming into the Northern Region of Tigray.

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The Start..

During the year 2020 on November 4th, there was an attack on an army base which led to the military being deployed to Tigray where the problem erupted from to deal with the cause and ensure safety is secured especially from the Tigray rebels who were said to be behind this, those loyal forces to the Northern Region’s governing party (Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front) would have to be disciplined because they form part of a revenge plan that favors their own yet it also threatens the security of all Tigrayans which is unfortunate. When the military is roped in to remove a threat it isn’t something that happens overnight but when their intervention leads to an extension of the unrest and continuous suffering it makes you question the victory they claimed to have bagged after capturing the Tigrayan regional capital. The ongoing battle has expanded beyond the regions’ frontiers leading them to a full blown humanitarian crisis,during that time the rebels had already made claims about making advances towards the Capital Addis Ababa

Tigray Rebels returning from Eritrea

Causes & Effects

The TPLF which ruled Ethiopia for 27 years before the newly elected prime minister and his cabinet came in to power, developed a sense of entitlement towards the highest chair of authority and those who were to lead with its beholder. They felt betrayed and disliked the idea of no longer controlling the country the way they did before. Their actions have proven them to be problem makers who despise solutions and troubleshooters, their love for power and the greed they possessed while still in power is evident now the only difference is the packaging. If they truly were fighting for recognition and their equality the approach wouldn’t have been exclusive. The system may have succeeded in instilling self hate among our people as tribalism is the driver of this bus which has been painted with the victim label under the banner of abuse.
Tigrayans make up 6% of the population and it was them who enjoyed dominating national politics for a period of 27 years leading the country downwards through high levels of corruption, widespread repression and the violation of human rights which included kidnapping those who were against their rule and torturing them in secret dungeons. This behaviour is enough for a decline in the amount of support they enjoyed.

The TPLF have now resorted to playing the victim card again, painting the Prime Minister with an anti-Tigrayan brush whose intention is to wipe them out. This is weird because the government claims to have worked hard and ensure that the TPLF be incorporated through the provisions of key positions like that of, The Speaker of National Parliament and a handful of ministerial positions.
Now because of the card they opted to play they ignored any idea presented to them by the government, because the members of the TPLF felt like the PM wanted to do away with them. Any leader or organisation with this type of thinking is a danger because, this breeds a vengeful solution being presented where revenge is prioritised and self introspection is ignored. Instead of sitting down to analyse things with the hopes of also identifying your possible contribution to the making of the problem you look for loopholes that favor your ego more. Any solution from such a person is never for a good cause.
To further anchor their position, the TPLF held its own election in September of 2020 after accusing the newly elected government of ignoring the constitution through the delay of national elections beyond the mandate of the government. [Reminder: The elections were put on hold due to the Covid19 outbreak] this election was viewed as illegal by the government and the TPLF didn’t like that claiming they don’t recognize the PM’s authority.

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In this war the TPLF seem to be fighting for recognition and the power they once enjoyed, in statements made by their members and the actions they take it is clear that, they are fighting but not for the collective this fight is theirs and they have also begun dragging others into this to fight with and for them. The ones who continue to add more fuel into the already burning fire through their sensationalist and propaganda machinery must stop acting concerned and sending in assistance when they fund the rebels. Not all Tigrayans are cold-hearted may they find the necessary strength and may assistance and a solution locate them. May those who form part of the rotten crop not enjoy what was never theirs.
The year old conflict has taken a toll on the country’s ancient cultural heritage sites, some have been damaged by shelling and the looting of artifacts has also become a norm. When you loot an artifact you rob the future of that nation it’s right to its own history, you are depriving them of that which serves as a reminder of their roots! Artifacts are irreplaceable and priceless they are ancient and sacred, those known for stealing them make us pay to view them in their museums a child of the mother continent would never steal something so precious for money if they knew it’s sacredness, the system has succeeded in conditioning us to ignore such and actively participate in the destroying of our own.
“There are those whose interests it is for the mother continent of all human kind must be depopulated through war, famine, disease and sent into oblivion along with the great knowledge that it’s people possessed.” – Baba Credo Vusamazulu Mutwa
“Stop looting Africa, stop defiling Africa, Listen to her.” – Baba Credo Vusamazulu Mutwa

From early January in 2020 aid agencies began to, sound alarms on the dangers of this situation and the effects it would have if it worsened. It is reported that 2 million people have been displaced from their homes, due to the massacres and rape cases. The removal of the Tigrayans from certain posts should not be viewed through one lens that favors the rebels as it defeats the purpose of finding a solution that speaks to the people of Ethiopia and not one drafted for us by the very same formulators of this script. The approach used by the government can be looked into but the TPLF’s form of response is unjustifiable

Prime Minister Dr Abiy

Those whose interest it is to depopulate us while robbing from us are the founders of the tribalist mindset they surely made sure that the seeds they planted are strong enough to sprout resulting in the birth of havoc and conflict where the tears and the blood shed during the massacres nourishes the soil it is planted in.

The media’s method of reporting on the matter has been biased and it contributed to promoting the idea of a looming coup when the government hadn’t sounded the bell!

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