The Grootman Syndrome

Let us not repeat the mistake we made of allowing these elders to dictate how we should run things in the youth league, we have derailed from what we should be doing instead of championing the interests of the youth we opted to disconnect which has resulted in nothing but a decline and the sad thing is we the future are paying a much more heftier price! To hell with that grootman mentality it has done nothing but destroy and worsen problems faced by the youth. The chasing of the VIP status has led to a decline and detachment from the ground.. Meaning the trust itself has gone. How can I as young person have faith in you when you defend the actions and fight battles of the so called grootmans using the banner of the organisation? You who parade yourselves as the voice of the youth, the young radicals you have brought nothing but shame and have caused more damage. You who would rather remain loyal to a faction that contributes to the suffering of our people.. are you proud of your actions?