The Weirdness of This

It’s a bit funny how the ones in red continue to justify voting with those who ridiculed them and undermined their capabilities, weeks after and yet the same explanations which are lousy are deemed as newsworthy.

There’s a void in the South African media and it is more evident now than it has been before, they have turned into entertainment news specialists pulling away from being the sole providers of hard news and their sense of reporting in an objective manner.

How is it that the reds continue to trend despite the fact that a celebrity spewed bile on a podcast that also implicates the South African correctional services? Instead of pestering these institutions about the allegations that made their way onto the airwaves about what goes on behind the cells the reds are given the platform to justify why they went to bed with the enemy for the second time? Are we serious?

There is no better devil, although I believe a solution could have been provided not this weird thing of acting like chess players and gambling with the votes of those who put them in power. You can’t justify openly selling out and pointing out the wrongs of the ANC is no way of justifying what they did, the sense of entitlement certain ANC supporters had was slowly slapped out of their minds and they surely woke up from the slumber but the selling of votes to the very same people that have been clear about their stance when it comes to the black majority is one thing not even those whose minds I admire from the reds can justify, they contributed to adding more fuel to the already burning fire which was started by the enemy’s allegations about our so called inability to govern ourselves as natives.

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If the string puller wanted to expose these parties for what they truly are he surely did it. Even those who claim to fight for us and make noise are instructed to do so! More than anything we are being divided as natives and this is why growth and economic freedom is nothing but a slogan, implementing is an allergy and most probably restricted. Those of us in the media add on instead of fighting we push propaganda and misinformation that continues to ridicule us and protect the likes of Sham sham, Jamna and Ruyters. What is exposing corruption when we do it in a manner that is biased as the media?

Remember how long it took for them to report on the phoenix massacre? Imbi lento esikuyo.

The only credible news providers at this point are the Insight Factor and the Independent Media.