The problem with today’s leaders

The era of leading with use of words and no action has come to an end, to those of you who continue to do so unapologetically don’t you ever get tired of having to lie your way out of things you could easily avoid?

If the approach was from a genuine place of concern then I doubt implemting the solutions presented for the problems would be a difficult task.

What ever happened to the compilation of checklists and a duration for when things are to be done under the supervision of the masses who put you into power? When we mention the importance of returning to basics these are one of the many important elements that contribute to that view.
We mention those who came before us and laid the foundation but we fail to point out the loopholes in the very same tributes we give out in honor of these fallen heroes, ever asked yourself what they would say if they were to witness how we abuse their legacies? The likes of Comrade Tatis Phasha, Sister B, Cde Makepeace, Mme Margaret Gazo, Mme Diana Maile, Mme Lasindwa and so on-would they really smile at the outcomes of their sacrifices and efforts?

Using the names of these revolutionaries to cover up the mistakes made by their ego driven selves is uncalled for and it further exposes their incompetence in service delivery, you may control the masses but that is a short-term thing when you fail to deliver what you had promised.