Have You No Shame?

What is it that you know that makes you a difficult plant to pluck out?
You are an ignorant individual who is disconnected from what people on the ground face.

There has never been a department you led that never went south the minute you were given a seat higher up.
You continue to lie to the masses you claim to represent.

Have you no shame?
Have you no shame in your doings?
Have you no disgust in your actions?
Have you no remorse for the damage caused?
Have you no heart for you to justify what you did to a senior who gave you a chance you never deserved?

If it isn’t stories about your corrupt activities or shady dealings linked to you, it’s complaints from the younger generation about the constant bullying they are subjected to!
You vile being who has no heart and no care for the future of this country….
Have you no eyes to see the effects of the betrayal you and your peers placed onto our people?
The constant slavery and conditioning that you benefit from is stealing from us a freedom we were promised.

I ask this again, Have you no shame in the fact that you allowed yourself be used as a tool to further enslave and increase inequality in a country you kept on chanting was free?
What freedom do you speak of If I may ask?
What freedom is promised by villains and goons?

The clock is ticking and our heads are turning, an angry youth is dangerous you know this too…rather tell your masters this won’t last for long because that which you and those like you have shall soon be stripped from your grip.

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