Notes From a Student Activist

As a student activist, we are given the yellow light by those we never expected whilst still awaiting the green light from those who claim to be the change makers.
It makes you question the initial intentions of those who put rules in place that frustrate sons and daughters of the soil on their respective campuses, especially those based in townships since the approach to issues faced is attended to based on the status of that institution. The sad thing is during election season these change makers understand the true meaning of equality and balance because they are thirsty for our votes which keep them in those places of power they use to abuse us.
When our fight is genuine and our cries worsen they hop onto the wave only to control what we say to protect their image and that of the organisation they represent forgetting about the shit they put us students and our parents through. You are not only up against the system but also the very same government which promised to bring solutions and growth… A government which knows nothing about accounting for its mishaps.

If they thought they were silencing us then they have another thing coming, the one thing I can assure is that this generation will shake tables for TVETs and your biased approach to problems faced by institutions of higher learning and training that are based in townships will surely be exposed. We are tired of the empty promises and fake concern.