The Akata Witch Book Review

I fell in love with the title of the book, way before my eyes got to read it’s contents.

I love Ms Nnedi Okorafor’s writing and her storytelling, not only does the book teach us about the importance of discipline, respect, humility, honesty, accountability and patience it also highlights the importance of acquiring knowledge but also the importance of applying wisdom in one’s actions despite knowing….Knowledge may be power but what is power without wisdom?

I also like how the elders are held at high regard including those who are elders in the craft but young of age, a beautifully written book. Our ancestors and the stories they share about the lives they lived is important for one to fully know more about their roots, this book emphasizes that and also doesn’t shame children for believing in their ancestors and their own magic that exists within them. Sometimes your flaws are actually a blessing, it only needs you to give yourself time to fully accept and understand yourself more…so the words of those who don’t understand stop hurting you. I loved all the characters but my stars are definitely the powerful four, it’s the diversity for me๐Ÿ–ค

I would highly recommend the book, do give it a read just make sure you have your cup of tea with you… Getting hooked on the book is a thing I’m a happy survivor.
This is the kind of content I would love to see African Public Libraries shelving!

To the remarkable Queen Ms Nnedi Okorafor, thank you for sharing your craft with us.