The problem with the Iceys

Dear Iceys,

When your actions expose your intentions what happens vele?
I ask this because I am yet to bump into a being that butters bread on both sides when their throats run dry… not showing these traits!

Which traits?
Come I tell you, when they are among others you won’t find them sitting in one position…even if they are, stillness is far from them.
They sing songs and verses that open doors for that which quenches their thirst to come their way, instead of them enjoying the fruits of empowerment they only deal with the fruits meant for their throats!
They have no backbone nor do they carry the confidence of indepently speaking, you see these ones are spoon-fed the content they dish-out and it destroys whatever message it is that they try to convey to those not like them….hoping they’ll change is far from me right now,

These traits shine through the actions of those whose mouths are twisted by those pulling the strings.

It seems they were groomed from young into this thuggery and scam of a lifestyle not meant for them or anyone for that matter!

It’s sad to see the younger ones conditioned into thinking this way of doing things is thee most efficient!

Sons of the soil, stand your ground and defend yourself! Distance yourself from being labelled an ice-boy to those meant to be your seniors in the space!

You were destined for greatness, if they fail to see that don’t dim your light to fit their poor standard! The Grootman syndrome is real. Be Wise, getting out of that ditch is never easy.