Why I Don’t Celebrate V-Day

Valentines isn’t really a thing I celebrate, I just don’t see it’s true purpose when it comes to celebrating love especially if one is to look into it’s true history and travel through the corridors of mythology I doubt celebrating your loved one would be a thing you still do.

This day has a very dark cloud lingering over it, red symbolizes the blood which was spilled and the white the innocence of one being stripped from them… In Rome the romans would celebrate the feast of Lupercalia from the 13th – 15th of February.
Before now, back in the day women were whipped with the hides of the slane animals, that the drunk men had sacrificed and like other stories similar to this one, these women would line up to get their whipping with the hopes of an increased fertility. After the beating, the women were then put into a matchmaking lottery where their names were pulled out of hats by men whom they’d go home with because they had been coupled up. If the match was right more would come out of that relationship. Weird much? It was William Shakespeare who reintroduced the sweeter version of valentines day through his work.

Glamorizing the day sweetening the bitterness of it’s true nature.. The industrial revolution ushered in factory-made cards in the 19th century….here we are today and it is still very much celebrated.

I think with me, I just don’t see why I should anticipate a day with a dark history only to celebrate my love..
My partner and I are in love and our love is worth celebrating everyday, it may not always be glits and glamor and that’s okay just not on a day that has been redesigned for commercial purposes where pockets run dry due to standards set by a society who ignored the truth about the day.
Celebrate your love the way you want, there’s no need for forced things….

After all your partner knows when you’re genuine or if you’re compromised.
My goal isn’t to get people to stop celebrating the day, mine is to just stick to my truth and speak it as it is without a filter.