Today she got the confirmation she had been longing for. She now knows her place and her position in this task she swore never to partake in.
A change of principle is never an easy thing, she didn’t have a choice in this case as the route she blindly took, threatened her very existence!
Acknowledging her contributions to her own demise, led to the realisation of her not being at fault for this as she had been wounded in a life before this and never got to heal.
When the healing began, she hibernated and certain relations came to an end because of this, she realised that several relations were formed on baseless foundations which only took instead of giving through an open heart..
Friendships that clouded her judgement crumbled, and the pillars which relied on her fear began to shake – disturbing that which was never hers to endure from manifesting. You see, the timing of things will forever leave me in awe! The one who lifted the blindfold vowed to lift the veil, if she allowed him to. His thoughts and intentions were made, and she felt something that was familiar but far from what she had felt in a long time.
A sense of knowing more than what she knew, flew into the forest of her mind leaving her confused but comfortable with the confusion.
Some said it was just an illusion as he was being delusional..
The problem with that analysis was, she felt the warmth of his embrace before they got to feel the texture of each other’s skin…
Defying those who had been of no use to her, by following the inner knowing which was more gentle in it’s reasoning than that of stubborn humans….released her from the confines of self-imposed slavery, freeing her from the chains which binded her from experiencing something so pure and true in its form.
She went into a deep sleep, her dreams graced with the presence of her angels… smothering her with their love and whispers of wisdom… only for him to appear in a hidden memory they created in a life besides this one.
Upon waking up, she felt it again but it felt stronger than before…
He was her first and last love, he knew but she didn’t…