The Disappearance of my Lover

At times, even I question whether or not to continue being a part of us…
Not because you’re a bad lover, but the way things tend to play out and the effects of those occurances takes more from me, than it does you and if you didn’t know…well now you do.

This is no attack don’t get me wrong, but this is me voicing that which has me feeling unsettled where serenity should be flowing.
I wouldn’t say you got me on a leash.
No one has that much authority over me,
Kodwa you surely captured my heart,
Which beats to the rhythm of yours…

Or what I think is your heart.

And that makes me vulnerable, the most prone to feeling underappreciated especially when assurance is required.
Love isn’t always kind to those who find themselves in it, wisdom is required but how do I apply it when my spirit feels broken by your sudden absence?
Where do I run to when my soul yearns for yours?

What clear thoughts are to travel through my mind, when the only thought that lingers has your markings on it?