Mama Winnie-The Revolutionary Rose Who Threatened The System

Mama Winnie’s story is an inspiration to daughters of the mother continent, her resilience and strength that carried her through is what has me penning this down. She was more than just Mrs Mandela, why must we introduce her under the umbrella of uTata when she created a name for herself? Put some respect on that queens name please! Her legacy is something else and every bit of her story should be something that is taught not only on her birthday but it should be something our kids are taught in school, outside the lens of the one who wrote down the first batch of clippings for us to consume in history, back in my schooling years.

The approach was biased at first, but it exposed the rot in the schooling system!
Mama Winnie was never a rascal, only the enemy viewed her as that! Now why would we want to impose our own views inspired by the hate which runs through our veins onto innocent children? I really find those who continue with the conditioning and belittling weird, but then again is it their fault that we have picked up on this and failed to stop it from repeating itself? Must something racist happen in order for it to trigger the switch that leads to a revolution in the content we put out and feed our children? Where do you think the sudden self-hatred stems from? If it isn’t a Mrs so and so ridiculing me for my natural hair and plump lips jokingly calling me crotoa? Then it is surely Mrs Steenhuizen somewhere disciplining my African self for my skirt being tight due to my natural curves and leaving Dorisa who deliberately cut the hem shortening it’s length! Why change your style of discipline because of one’s skin tone?!? And yet you continue to preach about how forgiving you is the solution to world peace, I despise the day you were redesigned into something different perfectly packaged to further blind us into believing we could co-exist when in fact all you wanted was to instill self-hatred through the guise of a rainbow nation you knew was a fantasy.

When we tell Mama’s story this time around it will surely be from our own lens not yours, you never viewed her as a hero, so you’d never do any of us justice by teaching us about her when you yourself hated the fact that she was a powerhouse and the voice of the voiceless including the youth you so badly wanted to destroy!


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