The Scary Faction Bug

I don’t know how to view the factional wars that have groped my province by the balls.

I am yet to find a faction that actually speaks to the young and unemployed people of the country, I am yet to find a faction that revolves around the principles of the organisation it stems from, instead we are in a wormhole and all that rubbish that was thrown into it, when the other faction was in charge is being pushed out into the public eye, it looks bad for the organisation as a whole and this time around I doubt we care about the faction that caused the turmoil. We are tired of greedy and power hungry leaders who parade themselves as the saviors, when all they want is a chance to cut a slice from the cake meant to feed the community.
Miss me with the factional rubbish, as a young person I don’t feel represented at all.

2 thoughts on “The Scary Faction Bug

  1. I’m glad someone finally said it, I am yet to find a young person who is a non member of that organization that has been empowered by it under the rule of one of these factions MA Dlamini omncane, keep on writing your truth you are doing a good job. I am also very glad you have not proclaimed your support for any of these power hungry individuals who all have nothing to offer.

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