The Thieves Strike Again

The violence we speak of has nothing to do with inflicting pain on others, threatening those who oppose your views and bullying the women who are strong enough to speak their truth that has nothing to do with you.

This was the first and last BBGM I am to attend, where nothing but criminals float around promising to destroy the lives of those who don’t agree with them. As a woman in the organization, why allow a man to dictate how things must go? Why allow a man tell you what and what not to do? When you quote powerful women like Mme Maxeke, Mme Gazo and Mama Winnie when you are the reason other women aren’t rising does it not make you feel uncomfortable?

To you monsters who parade yourselves as the good guys in the society, you are not to be trusted, you don’t respect women and you never will….this is why you don’t see a problem in threatening or physically assaulting them! You are not the solution to the rebuilding of the organisation, you are a part of the problem! You and those women who continue to remain silent when their sisters need their voices to amplify this battle!