The Scary Thing About That Bishop’s Case

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The fact that it dates back to years before it broke out in the news is scary!! I respect uMama for her bravery, coming out and testifying in court after 40 years is not an easy thing to do. The mistake we make as people is to think the victim is strong or less hurt, when they come out and speak their truth! That time, she is yet to begin her journey of healing. Then there are those who are afraid of speaking up because they have either been cornered to keep quiet, or because of the way we handled the first few who came out. When you have heavy allegations like this hovering over your head, and you don’t deny them but shift the attention from you to the ones who believe the victims-that alone says something about the person you are.

– There are many like him.
– These cases divide people.
-There are those who would fight tooth and nail, even when the perpetrator is guilty.
– Anger begins to build up among the affected.
– Death threats begin to fly around.
-Curses are made on public platforms, which they present under the guise of religion.
– The safety of the victims is then compromised, because they are painted to be agents of evil, by the perpetrator himself garnering support by abusing his status and, taking advantage of his followers faith in a religion he claims to be an agent of.
– Those who stand with the victims are also threatened and bullied by those blinded by the deceptive utterances of the perpetrator, which worsens matters.

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There’s a cult like thing to this and it is very creepy. The episode of amabishop that aired on the 17th of April, 2022 opened my eyes to another perspective that actually implicates the bishop, this is done through his own use of words whilst addressing members of his congregation. I couldn’t believe the arrogance which, could be a trigger to those who are yet to heal from the abuse and violation of rights, he openly slams any publication that has gone with the story that opposes his, instead of denying the allegations the man actually cries wolf? Scary much. It angers me having to witness our people’s faith being toyed around with by those who they believe are the solution to their problems. The actual villains are the ones parading as the holier ones abusing our people in the name of delivering them.

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