The Problem With String Puppets

You giggle at the shadiest things, hiding your disinterest at the seriousness of a problem. Have you no shame in the suffering others have been subjected to because of your ignorance?

When you dined with the masterminds of the thuggery, it was quick to be painted as a formal gathering. The only problem is that you failed to maintain a narrative that had already been placed for you to oversee.

You exposed this truth through you own doings, pointing fingers won’t save you from the truth. Your failure to account for your contribution to our current struggle is the cherry on top of the cake.

One thing about puppets with strings, they only come to life when the string puller takes to the stage.

Your blindness to the damage you cause, serves as a reminder to tread carefully because our loyalty is the type money can’t buy.

I pity those who believe in your qualities, your deceptive ways may have gotten to them. But they too shall get to witness the spineless creep that you are, I hope it isn’t too late for them.

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