What Did He Do?

I always wondered what this white man was about unlike now where the media makes sure they finish his character whenever they get the chance to. Despite knowing that he was never a darling of the media because of his boldness, it always shocks me to see how the reporting style has gone back to that of the apartheid era, the only difference now is, there’s a new face of the regime and it controls the media. In the eyes of the system what he and others like him are doing is selling out and deflecting from the plan. Unlike them he actually sees us sons and daughters of the mother continent for who we are and not what we are not. His activism doesn’t feel artificial nor forced hence our love for him. I pity those who are used as tools to attack and slander those of us who support RET, they rub off as frog-legged headless chickens! You may ridicule us for the view but going as far as calling us reactionary puppets/monkeys of uBaba is very weird. What happened to being objective? Also have you no shame in the manner of which you disrespect your elderly? The minute you stand up against the system, will be the day you awaken to the truth not the dream you are currently conditioned into thinking you are living, the system will come for your guns blazing and it will come for that voice you use and the very same podium you stand on; Mr Niehaus is living proof of this. The system hates the truth!

Who is Carl Niehaus?

He is everything the media chooses not to say he is, and a thorn in the pinkie of the regime and its puppets.
On the 25th of December 1959, a little boy was born in a town called Zeerust based in the North West, his name Carl G Niehaus. Not much has been said about his early life, although I do believe there is information somewhere about it. He went on to further his higher education at the Rands Afrikaans University, where his activism got him in trouble. Now with my experience as a student activist and leader, it is not easy balancing your activism with school when the system behind the content you are consuming for that qualification is the same one stepping on your neck. Chances of one of the two falling off are high especially when the ground is on fire. It came as no surprise having to learn of how the institution dealt with Uncle Carl for putting up posters that read “Free Nelson Mandela” The manner in which he was dismissed signals the possibility of his arrest being planned immediately after, I say this because he left the Dutch Reformed Church not long after they had expelled him but this was because the church supported the apartheid regime instead of opposing it. He then joined an Alexandra based African Dutch Reformed Church to which he became the deacon also joining the ANC. That is enough to get the system on its feet devising a plan that would deal with the bomb they saw in him.

What I meant about the system.

Well did you know that his roommate was a police informant who was planted there to win his trust? So he could confide in him when he was vulnerable only for him to implicate himself and his lover?! He unknowingly incriminated them when he used a police-issued camera and vehicle to take pictures of the intended target. This was all planned it couldn’t have been a coincidence, the system will plant itself in spaces you are most comfortable in so they can keep tabs on your every move.

The Roles & His Life

In 1983 he was convicted of Treason and was handed a 15-year sentence which he served for 7 and a half years and his lover was handed a 4-year sentence which she served fully, the two tied the knot while they were in prison but divorced in 1990. Remember this arrest was prompted by him confiding in the wrong person! But by this time he had completed his studies in Theology through the University of South Africa and finished with Summa Cum Laud’s. Not long after his release, he became the media liaison spokesperson of the African National Congress. From 1992 – the 27th of April 1994 general elections, he was head of the ANC’s media liaison unit. After completing his terms as a member of the Regional Executive Council of the ANC in Gauteng which was known as the ‘PWV Region’ he was elected during the National conference which took place in Bloemfontein on December in 1994 to form part of the ANC’s NEC. Uncle Carl chaired the NEC’s Commission on Religious Affairs, which makes sense because he got to witness how religion can either save or further indoctrinate you into a system that hates black people when he was still young. He was also a member of Parliament in the National Assembly back in 1996, here he chaired the select committee on Correctional Services and he also served in the justice & communication committee which was followed by The Transformation Forum on Correctional Services.
In 1997 he was invited by uTata to serve as a South African Ambassador to the Netherlands, when he finished his term he served as the project head during the 20th anniversary celebration of South Africa. He also served as the Head of delegation for South Africa for the prohibition of chemical weapons organisation.

About That Warning & The Attacks

In my own personal opinion, Uncle Carl is a notable politician and like many others he too has his flaws. I just don’t see why he is to be treated different as compared to others like him who share the same view, if the media thought they could erase him and his contribution to the fight for freedom they surely have proven themselves to be stupid. One thing about the masses on the ground, propaganda is no stranger to us. He worked the ground when it was deemed unfashionable for his kind, his outspokenness and bold character is deemed a threat to the system, not because he is on the wrong side of the line but because they fear what he could do if ever he were to garner that suppressed anger they caused him for putting up posters at school. One thing about Uncle Carl, never undermine his ability to drive people to action, he is a cadre we find relatable on the ground because he understands the ground!

I am tired of watching these grootmans who are also the enablers of the system, fight him and others with the use of state resources. I strongly believe all that energy put in the spreading of propaganda and misinformation could assist in the reporting of the human trafficking problem we are faced with as South Africans! Why fight internal party based factional battles through state resources? Don’t we all have our flaws? Aren’t we all human? I am not trying to paint us all as sinners but we are far from being saints! Controversy was once a friend of uncle Carl’s one of the several baby skeletons that popped out of the closet was when am advertising agency sued him for R900 000.00 worth of projects carried out for the Children United Foundation of South Africa. Due to his maladministration of finances he stepped down as the ANC’s spokesman in 2009. And so I ask again, what warnings are we being given by those who want to ruin his image? How many of those removers have actually owned up to their own mishaps? Outside the baby skeletons hiding in his closet you have the key to, you guys really have nothing on him. And it is very evident and scary to process. We will never forget how the media turned against him when he spoke out against the bullying he endured in the ANC by a select group of people who were supposed to show leadership not cowardice behaviour.
Whatever happened to freedom of speech?