About The Lost Ones

In this space nothing shocks me anymore, as a young woman if it isn’t me trying to stop the system from turning me against my own brothers, it’s me trying to ignore the ones who aren’t man enough to face the truth.

There is nothing I despise more than, a group of boys parading as men who actually sit around a table and discuss their female counterparts. Nothing good ever comes out of these discussions because they are fueled by self-hate disguised as concern or healthy criticism. When what was said finds its way on to the streets, the whistleblower is then found laughing with all parties rubbing shoulders with the very same boys he ridiculed in their absence. You see my problem with these spineless creeps is, they have nothing good to discuss and instead of actually evaluating themselves; they would rather nurse their lousy egos further blinding themselves from the truth. A number of women in the space whose names were dragged in the mud by these boys have proven to be powerful and fearless queens, who refused to allow their crowns to shift because of a boy who is yet to accept the truth about himself.

I used to get so worked up over the stories I would hear about myself, but that stopped the minute Mmasetchaba and Zipho reminded me of the stuff they had to deal with when they too were coming with the fire that still burns to this day. When you are beautiful and independent you are deemed as a threat to the boys who parade themselves as men, because they fear that you could snatch their men away from them. You see the mistake they repetitively make is that of thinking we are unaware of what happens when the curtains close and the doors are shut.

To my fellow sisters and our real brothers, do not allow this crop the power over you, you can never be bullied by someone who is still struggling to accept the person they are. Never lower your level to theirs, you owe no one an explanation those who see you for who you are believe in your capabilities and qualities as a leader, you need not stress over a bunch of chickens that the seniors destroy on a daily.

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  1. The hate we have towards each…jealousy and minority some people portray, though they look as heroes before the eyes but snakes self vultures continually destroying the world, families, nephews and children.

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