As It Is

When they warned us of the problem we unknowingly placed ourselves in, we ridiculed them and insulted those who dared to oppose the collective view. Because we were under the impression of a new era where our unity promotes and encourages the empowerment of our people. Little did we know, that those we voted in were actually greedy power mongers who paraded themselves as the radical black voices of the collective โ€“ they were never for us but they used our outrage to secure themselves riches and power and when we began to call them out on it, they ran to their masters and began to sing for their next supper. This then led to the silencing of the outspoken ones in more than one way. It baffles me how quick we are to forget the pain we cause our people whenever we are blinded by the money and power โ€“ and when our inability to lead is exposed we expose those we used to sip fine wine with, not because we want to fix the mess but because we do not want to go down alone. We would rather expose others than to acknowledge our own contribution to the problems faced by our people. These interviews are exposing our leaders and we are too busy defending them instead of calling for all of them to exit.

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