They Lied.

A lie the west told about our ancestors, was that Africans were backward savages with no civilisation. They even tried to separate Egypt from the rest of Africa by feeding us the distorted versions of our history that they rewrote to favour them and dumb us down.

They stole from us and tried to glamorize their evil through the work of scientists, historians and writers they paid to reconstruct our teachings and actual way of life.
The fact that they only took the parts of our history which point to the arrival of the colonizers shouldn’t come as a surprise to us anymore because they need to maintain a lie they had to tell to anchor their rule over a nation that threatened their entire existence. The system has been exposed and its agenda to continue robbing from us without our awareness is slowly crumbling down, they may have imposed the british monarchy as the only powerful royals but they can never erase the fact that our kingdoms existed prior their arrival.
Before our colonization we had our own native policies of administration and ruling, the formation of remarkable empires and kingdoms grew into their sustainable capacities.
Our ancient African civilization comprised of well thought out strategies and administrative systems that enabled our people to protect their territories from the enslavers and colonizers, do not let them trick you into believing you come from a group of uncivilised people when your history dates back to the ancient times, you did not start off as slaves nor does your history start there.