Stolen Loyalty

I kid you not, we have entered a phase where the opportunists who took advantage of our loyalty to the revolution, are continuously exposed through their own actions.

Is the delay of removing this system worth the positions you sought after?
I mean with the so-called power you boast about on platforms and in places where such should be avoided, is the suffering of those on the receiving end of this evil system worth it? Your silence where your voice is needed is loud.
The noise you make when your desire for attention and recognition, in places where your relevance is similar to that of an ant is enough reason to question the power you claim to possess.
I did not want to accept this, but that was not my choice to make.

You see I studied your crop for some time and have come to this conclusion. You are not who you claim to be, nor are you the leaders or rightful owners of the positions you were given to maintain the evil your people are subjected to, an evil you choose to ignore because your status has changed.

Unlike before you are now a contributor to the problem.
As you dine with thieves and drink from their cups filled with the tears of the people you failed, be reminded of the homes you destroyed and the youth you betrayed, the voices you silenced and careers you ended. The innocent ones you punished for speaking the truth without shame.

What good is a position of power in a system you know was designed to maintain the enslavement of your people? A puppet is what you are and you have been exposed.
You continue to preach about giving us freedom but forget to mention that it stripped us of our independence!

I kid you not the truth you tried to blind us from seeing, has been smiling at us for quite some time through your own actions.

What good is the position you hold when you are only permitted to exercise that power on your own people- who you continuously abuse and discipline for speaking up.
Why would they lie about something we too have witnessed with our own eyes?

Puppets can get a little self-destructive when ignored by their handlers.

2 thoughts on “Stolen Loyalty

  1. Your ability to expose things in a subtle manner is an example of the magic your hands create Ma Dlamini, I listened to that interview and have read this blog post. Your purpose in this life is unravelling right before us and if we donโ€™t invest in anything that supports you and your craft, sisenjeni. Donโ€™t stop writing. ๐Ÿ–ค

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  2. You continue to waken the youth Ndlovukazi.
    Most important of all we get to see it live in action in our daily lives.
    I must say may this blog be spread all over the African soil.
    It must grow until the youth rises up and faces it’s enemies head on.
    Tha k you thank you. ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡บ

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