Celebrating African Female Writers

August holds a specific significance in the consciousness of our nation, It is a time of the year, where more prominence is given than any other month to the resilience, courageousness and steadfastness of our queens- the torch bearers of our dreams and aspirations! This month is a momentous opportunity that encourages the introspection and reflection of the struggles, pain and sacrifices our queens endured at the hands of the system.

They entered spaces that were dominated by their male-counterparts and anchored their position without fear.
Despite being bullied by the same system, they found their place and used their voices to speak for the voiceless.
These women held their homes together, whilst working in spaces that were never designed for them, they were victims of abuse be it mental, emotional and physical but it did not stop them.
They were vilified and demonized but they refused to let their crowns slip, because they understood that they weren’t fighting for themselves, but the generations to come.

This month, I celebrate these remarkable queens for breaking the deceptive glass which prevented their light from shining, they laid the foundation from which we have begun to build upon. Their stories shall be told, their lives celebrated and honored.

These are the queens who made it possible for a princess like me to write my truth, speak it and stand my ground without fear. It would be very weird for me not to celebrate these women and their work. I am here because of their contribution to the struggle.

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  1. I love how you put in the work, everytime a new post comes up there’s an upgrade to your graphics! In your own terms “Nyisa us we are your marshmallows” I look forward to learning about these queens.


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