Ghosts Among Us

The Walking Dead Are Among Us

I had to be in certain spaces, for me to understand how things are done and why we are in the mess we find ourselves in.

Not all encounters with the seniors were fruitful or polite, there were times where I questioned their loyalty towards the emancipation of our people, because their ignorance was way too loud for the affected ones to sway away from.

There were also ghosts that hovered around waiting for their victims to commit suicide with a rope their seniors unapologetically handed to them, because they knew they were asleep to the truth of the evils disguised as works of wonder.

These ghosts despised the ones who could see through the veil of deception and would ensure they possessed those weak enough to house their spirits- for them to remove what they deemed as a threat to the disgusting tradition that has now engulfed a great number of the ones in charge, all thanks to their thirst for power and wealth.
Not all that glitters is worth the struggle, but some encounters are necessary for those who are serious about the revolution. This way you are aware of the rot within the movement that, is slowly spreading to generations younger than the ones in charge.
Instead of screaming and staging a protest they’d cage me for, mine is to continue digging until these rotten minerals run out, and write about it I shall.


3 thoughts on “Ghosts Among Us

  1. You write for us who struggle to find the right words, someome once mentioned how tricky it is to be a writer.. Mina ngithi It has its people and you are on the side of the ones who csm handle the pressure.


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