You Puppets Are a Nuisance!

The thing about you puppets that I find worrying is, how full your heads are with slimy goo.
Because the things you do are uncalled for and the unfortunate part is that your actions affect those of us who are on the ground. Continue to ridicule those who call you out if that brushes your bruised egos, the clock continues to tick and you will be humbled by the effects of your ignorance.

Undermining people only to demand their respect, is disgusting it only exposes your sense of entitlement and love of power and status. Also why not demand it from those who resemble your master, or is this treatment only reserved for sons and daughters of the mother continent?

If you thought abusing your power, to silence those who dare to speak Is a flex. Vuka! wake up! Our lives are not a biskop, how dare you treat us like props? You are no better than any of us because you are still a slave in the same system you claim to have dismantled. The only problem is, your role is more senior because you sold out to keep the tap running, yours is to continue to drink from the wells filled with the tears of your people like the leeches that you power thirsty individuals are.

Come to think of it, could it be that your flexing is the only thing your puppets are allowed to do? Because every other thing is scripted. How dare you expect non conformers of the system to bow at the sight of you when you are nothing but a string puppet?
You also need to stop it with the threats, not everyone is blind to the truth! And that is all on you, because you fail to keep up with your lies. You continue to expose yourselves through your ignorance and deafness to the cries of your people, who you claim to love so dearly.

Before you go for those who refuse to form part of your wicked ways, deal with yourselves. Your actions are indicators and those quick damage control tactics arenโ€™t well thought out. They are stamps of approval to continue with your complete removal- but you are far too drunk on the wine given to you by your masters for you to even see this.