If we were to be honest, today’s crop of political leaders and activists lack the basic understanding of how things work in the world of politics. They instead have masters and PHD’s in stomach related politics and the media is used to promote the rubbish they do to divert our attention from the actual truth. Those with unfiltered opinions and views are bullied into silence through more than one method, because the truth is our actual key to unlocking that door to freedom.

We are faced with a pandemic of businessmen who are products of the system that were never groomed to fill in big shoes, being given positions of power… their lack of knowledge or experience does not stop their masters from ensuring they are placed in such places. A perfect example of such projects would be none other than Herman Mashaba himself, his recent remarks ooze disgruntlement – and if he continues to bark like that other former mayor of JHB we are definitely going to be faced with a problem of having to watch dysfunctional puppets destroy themselves. I just wonder if this was the price they had to pay for doing what the original smurfs couldn’t even if they tried to and if the only way for them to nurse their egos, would be for them to help the hired smurfs destroy themselves voluntarily all in the name of speaking their truth, but one they were never beneficiaries of.

The smurfs may have an influence over the hired puppets including those who left, because they never invested in ensuring that they were politically aware and equipped for the roles they were given on a silver platter. The same cannot be said about those who joined the smurfs after leaving their former political homes-where political education was compulsory.