One For The Mice ๐Ÿ€

Are you truly doing what you aspired to when you were new in the very same space you are currently leading?
Have you accomplished the collective goal you had set with your team when you came into office? Or did the wallets of those who are drunk on a power they feel entitled to hush the voices that reminded you of your actual mission?

Before you cry victim, sit down and ask yourself what good came from the suicidal tasks your masters assigned you with, why is it that your name is dragged in the mud when you were the mouse sent to steal the cheese?

Are you really comfortable with the fact that they only use you to settle scores that only benefit your wants? What of your needs and independence as an Individual? Before you call out others, declaring wars you aren’t even worthy of commanding…. is selling out worth the struggle for the recognition of the TVET institutions which dominate the region you lead?