The Problematic Conference That Has Me Swimming In a Pool Of Disbelief.


This is the conference that unleashed chaos and suffering to Africa and her children. Times may have changed, but things certainly didn’t. We continue to swim in the ruins of what once was despite the democracies or examples of freedom we now ‘enjoy’. We were fooled into believing these systems were our own- and that our own were evil, when in actual fact the European way of living is foreign and not that of my people.

European powers institutionalized the sharing of African territories through the Berlin Conference. This resulted in cutting the chords of social and political units that existed before, compelling the new states to rebrand themselves by taking on a new identity. A foreign identity that had nothing to do with embracing your roots as an African.

During the 15th and 16th UN general assembly, resolutions that favored the maintenance of these colonial borders were approved, with close to no contestation. Which affirms the suspicions had about the weird crop of leaders, that approved to keep these borders running…who built their sovereignty on the same foundation laid for them by their predecessors who were the slavers. Because they were afraid of losing the positions of power they began to warm up to.

These states continue to follow the European way of living and thinking because none of the locals were consulted when the land thieves were in talks. However one can not shy away from the fact that, there’s a number of countries who began to enjoy the fruits of independence that were safe until the hired capitalists took over.


The crop of African leaders who inherited these states that tried to dismantle the system were dealt with by the system, and those whose eyes were on the ball and not the running of things made themselves comfortable. Today our leaders are unapologetic about their ignorance. They do not care to try right the wrongs that led to the distortion of our history, because they are comfortable with the power, status and wealth they have been awarded for selling out.

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  1. Totally agree with everything you wrote here. There is never an African perspective on anything that concerns us. We have “representatives” that echo the very same oppressive ideologies and paradigms that colonised our people. The essence of who we are has been demonised and further spat out by a constructed system that makes sure that we don’t even look back. It’s so heart breaking.

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