About my journey ❤️

I have seen water, clean rivers and streams tha gracefully flowed.
I have drowned in these waters, not because I was in danger but because it saved me from the wicked hearted ones..
The water I know, is water that brings about healing,
The sounds of the waves crashing is enough to calm the storms in one’s life.
I have seen the beauty of nature and have walked with one of my Makhulu’s in a forest full of life.
The feeling of acceptance and a love that is unconditional swept in and I felt the warmth of the love stored in her heart..

I have heard her voice call out to me, numerous times
Be it day or night..
Her presence brings a sense of calm, humility and healing
When the wind blows in my direction, my nostrils are greeted by her scent


I have seen majestic cows
Cows who appear when danger threatens my peace!
The cows who dealt with obstacles clearing my path..
These beautiful cows with the strong horns..
Replicas of those that once belonged to my Great grandfather.

I have seen schools
I have been in and out of classes, graduated here and there.
Everytime a threat would makes itself known I’d confront it head on not because it was me but because I was never alone…

Far away from home, the smell umcombothi kisses my face
My taste buds tingle as they begin to picture this traditional beer making its way down my throat…
I smell snuff in places where my human self would deem unexpected…