One For My Fighters ❤️

They have always had my back.
My Ancestors have always had my back.
My day ones and number one supporters,
Removed me from low vibrational spaces and people.
They detached me from a conditioning I never saw coming, compassionately guiding me towards the path of self-discovery.
Detoxing the perfectly presented poison that had me lowering my worth, for a mere role and organization.
I exiled myself from that toxic environment, and things began to align in my favor not long after.
I am the way I am because of the queens and kings who contributed to the making of me.
When betrayal slapped me on the face, and envy decorated the bullets used by the betrayer.
My Ancestors geared up and protected me from these attacks. It was their wisdom that grounded me when sadness and depression frequented my emotions.
They comforted me in such a way that it prompted me into embarking on a journey, that only required my patience.
Times felt tricky, but they anchored me.
When bombs were thrown, unlike before…no fear could come from it and that frustrated the vile ones.
That was when I knew I wasn’t alone.
My Ancestors are and have always been there for me.

I love them.

They are a Blessing from the Creator. ❤️