An Open One For That Other One

I am not one to celebrate when one of our own is in the pits, but I can’t keep quiet and allow them to play the victim card when they created the mess they are in now. I hope we learn from the mistakes you made, and that those who were asleep wake up from their slumber.

You were never one of us my friend. I say this because you acted the part and enjoyed the luxuries that came with it.
You abused your privelage and flushed away any traces of wisdom that were left in that empty head of yours. When those who genuinely cared tried to call you out on your wrongs, you were quick to flip the script to favor you and this resulted in the selling out of those who once led with you.
Despite being alone in this, you paraded yourself as thee ultimate dream and a perfect leader, when in fact you were nothing but a second hand rag with holes in it!

When the students of your region came to you for help, you turned your back on them and entertained those from another region. Letters were sent and you ignored them when we enquired, nobody showed signs of remorse for their ignorance.
On social platforms you greeted us with arrogance and entitlement, further detsroying your relationship with those you claimed to care for at the time.

When word got out about the closing down of an institution of learning, we knocked on every door that linked us to you and we were shunned, belittled and lied to! You could have prevented it, but you chose not to because your ignorant self could not wait to to tell the minority about how you did not need them because you were working on building a new university, forgetting about the effects an ill-planned shutdown had on families… Did you have to lie to us about finding a solution? Why couldn’t you just be honest? Or is that too big of a responsibility for you?

When the media showed an interest in profiling that Queen who made history by becoming the first Lady to occupy that seat, your greedy self could not deal with it! You could not hide your disgust and you were quick to call her out on something she had no control over. How dare you attempt to erase her from the region’s identity and leadership? Unlike you she earned it, because her work put her there…not temporary masters and no I am not referring to Aunty Tania.

You may have come from the YL, but you are no Lion!
It is selfish of you to expect our support when you never fought for our voices to be heard, you were the first to silence those who were bold enough to confront you and even joked about their struggles in the comfort of your home…

I remember when the originals called for the seniors to discipline you, you cried wolf and abused that borrowed support by playing the victim card- when you were in fact a battered wolf in sheep’s skin. You had some fooled but not all and called on them to stand by you, which they did because theirs was genuine to the struggle. Which was unfortunate because you used them to charge you battery’s energy and forgot to fulfill the promises made.

You may have tricked/bribed others into believing you were a radical economic transformationist, but your ignorance on the issues faced by the future of your region was loud enough for us to remember. Swim in the pond you built for yourself and those who cheered you on when you were on top must join you.

To think you were presented as a solution to a problem we never had is infuriating, because your respect for the elders is seasonal and you are disconnected from the ground.Your loyalty to the organization itself is questionable. I don’t know if social media is to blame for this, seeing that you are a socialite and no revolutionary but a reactionary puppet that can’t stop malfunctioning. You adored the attention the media gave you, now that the tunes have changed and they are no longer singing your praises, you’re being singled out? ๐Ÿ˜‚

The mistake you made was to think you owned this organization, it was here before you and it shall continue to exist in your absence. You did not make EKURHULENI you found it that way and destroyed it. Swim in your pond.

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  1. Wisdom you utter, It’s sad the dealers are not smart and don’t seem to be interested in recruiting the right ones to power because of greed and fullishness

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  2. Thokoza Gogo, I recently came across this blog and will definitely subscribe for more of your work. You make things easier for those of us who are looking for info that will help better our understanding on what is actually happening. Because the media is biased. May your pen never run out of ink Ma Dlamini.


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