Why Is She Here?

The minute I walked in, I could feel the eyes of those who doubted my capabilities study me. I was told prior setting foot into the space of how they had already concluded before I could even prove myself, not to them but to those who entrusted me with the responsibility of reviving that which no longer had life. I still had a Pinch of hope.

You would think a setting like this one would be one where peace freely roamed the corridors, where all those in that building were united for a common good; only for you to be greeted by the resentment of those who had already given themselves your position.
As Bra’Stan walked me through, every office door was shut and they all belonged to men, I kid you not I was starting to believe I walked into the wrong building.
I thought to myself, now that I’m here, not even my peers could stop me from doing what I was called to do, because I’m doing this for them.

Sis’Bee was tasked with grooming me, when Bra’Stan introduced me to her I hugged her so tight she literally brushed my back and whispered “It’s okay my baby, I’ve got you”
The warmth of her hug and welcome was enough to calm the storms of many troubled souls. He left me in her office and wished me well, he also told me not to let those who doubt women deter me from what I was called to do. Because I was meant to be here and they knew it.

To be continued..