Have you no shame in the way your twisted fantasies destroyed the identity of this african child before her birth?

Before her arrival, you sentenced her parents to constant punishment for finding time to extend their family.
You deprived her mother of food with the hopes to starve her and her little one to death, because you could not bare to see a native woman’s belly grow.
You bullied her husband and overworked him, so he could not make time to be with his wife, only for you to preach about the beauty of the slave trade and the birth of a cursed generation, that your kind were expected to save from the claws of the dark one.
You let your wife abuse her because she could not bare her own children to continue with this stained legacy of yours…
Little did she know, that she was nothing but your key to wealth….if you were truly on of the chosen ones, this wouldn’t have been the route to take and you know it.
You ensured that the native woman lived in harsh conditions, because she was never a human in your eyes or the eye of your master….rather a privileged animal that needed your saving.
When the time came and she was due, you took her husband away from her only for him to return floating like a log on the dam he built for you…and you wonder why she revolted against you?
Have you no shame in the way your twisted fantasies destroyed what could have been a beautiful tale?
How dare you claim, her to be cursed when you consume the food she prepares… despite her knowing that her husband was killed for being man enough!
You stripped her of her right to lead a normal life, deprived her an education and enrolled her into the school of deceit you founded using the Bible…
A school that justified the atrocious acts committed by you and others on that land you inherited by marrying that airhead of a wife.
Now before you come and chant about reconciliation, have you no shame in the way your twisted fantasies destroyed families?